Clement the Cow
Bob and Ed

Burning Man pictures: 2003, 2004

Click on a picture to see a larger version in a new window. An overview of some of the 30,000 campers.
One of my favorite things there is the art. Interactive art installations are everywhere.
As you bike, you see strange things... ...and approach for a closer look.
...Strange complex structures like the temple.. ...where you can post photos of those who have passed on. It's burned Sunday night.
The thunderdome, where you can be a gladiator on a bungie cord. ...and the center structure, the man himself.
Wear what you like! This structure emitted a very low loud hum...
And then there are the art cars. Unusual bikes...
Amazing vehicles... the dragon...
or lots of simple silly ones... Stacey rides toward a giraffe...
An angler fish... Peter made his own bike taxi...
In 2003 I was blown away by this solar-powered vehicle. The following year, they had spruced it up--
--to look like a giant insect. Dust is's a pleasant dust...
Ingenuity and silliness abound
Three people pedaled this giant wheel... unusual electric car...
a firetruck bug... ...and in the end, the man burns Saturday night.