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When I was 19 I bought a Tascam 244 4-track cassette recorder, a Prophet Pro One synthesizer and a small Casio keyboard. For two and a half years, until I moved to Chicago at age 21, I worked on a series of short electronic instrumentals using the most interesting sounds I could find.

Here are 26 of the best ones...

1. Stone Man

2. Once Over

3. Dinosaur In The Forest

4. YouGot

5. Michigipsi
(featuring Peter Heithoff and Detlef Schmitz on guitar)

6. Encounter on G Street
(featuring Tom Shambo on guitar and Marian Rasfeld on casio)

7. Wild Frontier

8. Man At The Works

9. Sorry

10. Walk Home

11. Snake Charmer

12. Use Guise

13. Hey Change Your Mind

14. Potatoes

15. Electric Jet

16. Cobalt's View

17. No Answer

18. Casual
(featuring Todd Colburn on guitar)

19. Last Night

20. Atman

21. Computer World

22. Column of Seshue

23. Holes in The Sidewalk

24. Some Stay In

25. Ritual of Union

26. Ritual of Submission