Clement the Cow
Bob and Ed

You Had to Be There

Selections from the 3-CD set. Improvised Jams from Acme get-togethers. Silly stuff.

Click song to hear it--option-click (or right-click) the arrow to download it. OR:

Download DISC 1 (best stuff)
Download DISC 2 (silliest stuff)
Download DISC 3 (instrumentals)

Starring mainly (from cover, top left): Nelson Strange, Peter Heithoff, Jim Rasfeld, Cam Blietz, Mike Rasfeld, Fran Kondorf, Jim Doyle, Mike DePietro, Jeff Radke, Paul Smith, Andy Robb, Kevin Aldrich, Jim McKenzie, Mike Christensen, Linc Abbey, Stacey Rasfeld, Lee Pope, Benny Saferling, Cheryl Rapp, Marty Mroz, Blaise Barton, Teak Barton, Scott Bennett, Bill Jenkins, John Zdon, Jamie Barnard, Anne LaPorte, Bob Colton, Al Wittek, Todd Colburn and still more people!

Some Selections From Disc 1:
1. Bad Haircut download
2. Beer And A Place (Cam Blietz) download
3. Talkin' 'Bout You (Jim) download
4. Induction Theorem (Jim) download
5. 2-Chord Jammin' Blues
(Scott Bennett)
6. In The Images (Cam) download
7. For No Good Reason (Jim) download
8. Rivers of Oatmeal (Cam) download
9. I Have Seen Your Mammogram
10. Bugs (Jim) download

Some Selections From Disc 2:
1. Mercedes Christ (Todd Colburn) download
2. Road Trip (Nelson Strange) download
3. Asleep At The Wheel (Cam) download
4. Heavy Trip (Cam) download

Some Selections From Disc 3 (Instrumentals):
1. My Ache To Yours download
2. Loose Arrangement download
3. No I Don't download
4. Put Your Arms On Backwards download